The Next 365 Days

Movie Info:

Laura and Massimo walk a tightrope, their passionate but tumultuous relationship teetering on the edge. The embers of past betrayals cast long shadows, fueling a simmering pot of distrust. Even the most tender moments are tinged with wariness, each glance seeking a hidden meaning, each touch a tentative exploration. Yet, their love, a force as undeniable as it is destructive, clings to life. Meanwhile, Nacho circles like a predator, a constant reminder of the darkness that lurks at the fringes of their world. His tenacity is a relentless chisel, chipping away at the fragile foundation they’re desperately trying to rebuild. He exploits their vulnerabilities with practiced ease, whispering doubts and rekindling old resentments. Laura and Massimo must navigate this perilous terrain, not only fighting for their love but also for their very sense of self. Will they find the strength to silence the past and build a future together, or will Nacho succeed in tearing their world apart?